At BharatPe, we empower shop owners to accept payments from any payment app for free. Bharat Pe makes payment acceptance simple by offering merchants a single QR to accept payment from a range of payment apps such as Paytm, Phone Pe, Google Pay, BHIM, and 150+ other apps. Here is the story of Birendra Kumar, owner of Virender General Store, a small Kirana store located in Gurugram. Birendra had first tried the BharatPe app when he needed a loan to buy goods for his shop. He found the process very simple. There was minimal paperwork and the loan disbursal was quick. Also, Birendra uses BharatPe QR to accept payments from his customers. He has also installed a BharatSwipe machine to accept card payments.

In 2020, Birendra wanted to open his second store in Gurugram. For the same, he wanted to apply for a loan of Rs 20,000. But due to the pandemic, it was difficult to venture out. Birendra applied for a loan on the BharatPe app. The loan application took only a few minutes and Birendra just filled in the required details and uploaded the documents on the app itself. The loan was disbursed quickly and without any need to step out of his home.

BharatPe came to the rescue and helped Birendra grow his business, even in the tough times of pandemic. He could set up a new shop and grow his profits over the last few months. He highly recommends BharatPe to his merchant friends looking for a business loan.



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